Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Our Mission is two fold.  The Great Commission and  Great Commandment. We simply want to know Jesus and make Him known. We want to impact our community and the people in it, with these Biblical truths. We will accomplish this. Through different ministries within our four walls and outside the four walls of our place of worship, because we see all people created equal in the sight of God. Regardless of color, gender, age, nationality, social or economical status.

The Vision

To help people become who God created them to be and what He created them for, in Christ Jesus. To help people understand that their identity and purpose are connected to Jesus Christ. Understanding that the focal point of this kind of life, isn’t based on our love for God, but His love for us. We want to help others live the life, God intended them to live in Jesus Christ.

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